Playmobil castle toys

Are you looking for a Playmobil castle for your children ? You've come to the right place ! Here you will find knight's castles for boys, princess castles for girls or take along castles to play in at Playmobil ! All of these toys are available for purchase online at Amazon as new or used at low prices, so don't hesitate ! Enjoy your visit on Playmobil Castle Toys !

Bastion des Burnham Raiders 70539 Castle toy for boy

Burnham Raiders Fire Ruin Playmobil Novelmore 70539

Buy it on Amazon It is in the bastion of the Burnham Raiders that the potions are prepared. The bastion will be attacked by Novelmore Knight Francis Forwind and his companions ! The set consists of the Burnham Raiders bastion, 4 characters (the Novelmore knight Lord Francis Forthwind and Shiko, the Lucifex knight of the Burnham Raiders clan and the…

Temple of Time Playmobil Novelmore 70223 Castle toy for boy

Temple of Time Playmobil Novelmore 70223

Buy it on Amazon It is in the temple of time 70223 that the Invicibus armor is hidden! If one of the two camps, Novelmore or Burnham Raiders seizes it, this one will become invincible! It is protected by the wizard Timithor who will make sure that no one can get hold of it by taking the knights who get…

Citadelle des Chevaliers Novelmore 70222 Castle toy for boy

Novelmore Fortress with Knights Playset 70222 Playmobil

Buy it on Amazon After the great castle of the Novelmore Knights 70220, let’s have a closer look at the citadel of the knights ! This citadel is much smaller than the castle but will allow your child to immerse himself in a knightly universe of all beauty ! The Playmobil set 70222 consists of the citadel and four characters…

Pack Novelmore et Burnham Raiders complet Castle toy for boy

Playmobil Novelmore Burnham Raiders Fortress Playset 70221

Buy it on Amazon The volcanic fortress of the Brunham Raiders is the second “big castle” of the new Novelmore range. It is composed of 215 pieces. Novelmore ? Burnham Raiders ? Which camp will your child choose? The story of the Burnham Raiders knights The Burnham Knights Raiders are rebels from the Grimson Caldera area who oppose the Novelmore…

Fort des chevaliers du Loup 6002 Playmobil Castle toy for boy

Wolf Knights’ Castle Playset Building Kit Playmobil 6002

Buy it on Amazon The fort of the Wolf Knights 6002 of Playmobil is quite mysterious because not much information can be found about the building. Released in the Knight collection, it could date from 2008 but nothing is certain. Still, it is available on Amazon since 2015. Three Knights of the Wolf will have to protect the fortress. A…

Extension de chateau princesse Playmobil pour fille Extensions

Playmobil princess castle extension for girls

Extra floor Playmobil 6236 for Princess Palace This castle floor 6236 will make your daughter thrilled as it will expand her princess palace 5142! Notice of additional floor 6236 Playmobil for princess palace These are the pieces your child will find in the Playmobil 6236 extra floor set for princess palace 5142 : Red clips (30 09 6900) A rounded…

Coffre cour royale Playmobil Princess 4898 Take along castles

Playmobil My Secret Royal Palace Play Box Building Set 4898

Buy it on Amazon It’s a new small take along castle that we offer you! The Playmobil Princess 4898 Royal Court Chest will allow your child to project himself into the world of princess castles! The chest is very practical, your child will be able to take it everywhere with him! It can be opened and closed with a key….

Château-fort des Chevaliers du Lion Impérial 6000 Castle toy for boy

Playmobil The Royal Lion Knight’s Castle 6000

The Imperial Lion Knights’ Castle from the Playmobil range for boys is a construction that will provide endless fun ! This building from the Playmobil Knights collection was released in 2015. The Lion Knights have to fight against the Falcon Knights. Discover the French advertisement of the 6000 Imperial Lion Knights’ castle : The castle comes with 4 Playmobil characters…

Forteresse du Dragon Rouge 3269 Playmobil Castle toy for boy

Playmobil Rock Castle 3269

The Playmobil Rock Castle 3269 from Playmobil’s Knights range was made available to the boys during 2004. The building is in the archives of the Playmobil toy brand’s website, so you won’t be able to get it on the official website. But don’t worry, you can make your boy happy by buying it online on Amazon! You can find it…