Dragon Knights

The Playmobil Dragon Knights own many castles. Red Dragon, Green Dragon, Black Dragon, Asian Dragon! Among this branch of knights, there are many armies opposing each other. Together with their dragons, these knights have an incredible strike force that gives them a definite advantage in battle! However, these warriors have smaller castles than their enemies, so be careful not to trust their dragon’s strength too much! These Playmobil Knights game boxes are listed on this box and can be purchased from the Amazon online store. We’ve also included assembly plans for each of these castles. Let’s hear the stories of the Dragon Knights!

Forteresse du Dragon Rouge 3269 Playmobil Castle toy for boy

Playmobil Rock Castle 3269

The Playmobil Rock Castle 3269 from Playmobil’s Knights range was made available to the boys during 2004. The building is in the archives of the Playmobil toy brand’s website, so you won’t be able to get it on the official website. But don’t worry, you can make your boy happy by buying it online on Amazon! You can find it…

Dragon Knights' Fort 6627 Playmobil Castle toy for boy

Playmobil Dragon Knights’ Fort 6627

The Knights of the Falcon attack the stronghold of the Knights of the Winged Dragon! The bastion consists of a rocky base, walls with battlements for protection. The Knights of the Falcon must not take the fortification or the castle will be in danger! To help them, a large crossbow will throw flaming projectiles at the attackers! The Playmobil 6627…

Playmobil Knights Castle Gate with Troll 5670 Castle toy for boy

Playmobil Knights Castle Gate with Troll 5670

This “castle and troll” set from the Knights Playmobil series seems to be an exclusivity of the year 2015. Please note that it cannot be found on the official Playmobil website: when you type the reference on the website, no results are shown. It must therefore be a relatively rare set. But the good news is that it is sold…

Secret Dragon Fort 5480 Playmobil Castle toy for boy

Playmobil Secret Dragon Fort 5480

Buy it on Amazon Let’s stay in 2014 but also in Asia with the second building of the Dragons series. the Secret Dragon Fort 5480 does not appear on the official website of the toy brand. The two green and blue samurai have the task of protecting the ice heart of the dragon Raganur. The green dragon as well as…

Great Dragon Castle 4835 Playmobil Castle toy for boy

Playmobil Great Dragon Castle 4835

The great Dragon castle 4835 dates from 2009. In the archives of the Playmobil website, it is unfortunately no longer for sale there. But you can find it new or used on Amazon! Here, the four Knights of the Red Dragon have the Knights of the Green Dragon as their opponents. The Red Dragon supplied with the other toys will…