The Playmobil Quality

Playmobil quality
Playmobil characters are made from a plastic material called ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene). ABS is very shock-resistant. It is also of very high quality. It is used in household appliances, in coffee makers but also in motorcycle helmets. It is also present in the bodywork of some cars (for example the Citroën Mehari).
On the toy side, the Lego brand of building bricks has also made it its raw material.

The German brand has not given in to the relocation of the manufacture of their figures and constructions to China. Playmobil makes it a point of honor that 100% of their products are manufactured in Europe. 60% of the manufacturing is done in the Dietenhofen factory in Germany. The rest of the objects produced come from their three other factories located in Spain, Malta and the Czech Republic.

The figurine is composed of the following elements: the round head with its characteristic smile and look, a wig, two articulated arms, two hands, a bust, the legs and finally a part to be inserted between the bust and the legs.
The Playmobil quality
In addition, there are many accessories such as hats, helmets, skirts, etc. with an infinite variety of patterns and colours, creating a unique Playmobil figurine!
The Playmobil quality
In 2008, Playmobil football players were created with separately articulated legs.

All these together form the figurine that brings a smile to the faces of young and old alike! With the Playmobil character, they can imagine all kinds of adventures!

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