Castle toy for girl

Your daughter is 3, 4, 8 years old? There’s no age to make the princess dream about her! Playmobil offers many palaces, manors, pavilions or princess castles for her to invent love stories for herself! You will find on our pages all the cheap Playmobil princess castles for girls available for purchase as new or used on the Amazon online store. You will also find the assembly plans for each of these Playmobil princess castles.

Château de princesse 4250 Playmobil Castle toy for girl

Playmobil Magic Castle 4250

The Magic castle 4250 Playmobil is quite old as it dates back to 2005. It is no longer for sale on the official website of the German toy brand but you can buy it for your daughter on Amazon, either new or used. More recent versions have been released since then, I think for example the grand princess castle 6848….

The unicorn jewel castle Playmobil 5474 Castle toy for girl

Playmobil Unicorn jewel castle 5474

Buy it on Amazon Let’s continue with the presentation of Playmobil castles for girls! Again, this is not a very big castle but a pavilion. It has multiple panes of glass, which is why it is called the unicorn jewel castle Playmobil 5474. It consists of one floor which is reached by a staircase. The unicorn jewel castle Playmobil 5474…

Playmobil Royal Residence 6849 Castle toy for girl

Playmobil Royal Residence 6849

We do not present you a Playmobil castle but a mansion! And a royal one at that ! From the Princess collection, the Playmobil Royal Residence 6849 of the Playmobil brand is composed of one floor, a staircase and a turret. Of modest dimensions, your daughter will be able to imagine beautiful stories! The construction comes with three Playmobil characters:…

Princess Fantasy Castle Playmobil 5142 Castle toy for girl

Playmobil Princess Fantasy Castle 5142

Buy it on Amazon The princess fantasy magic castle 5142 Playmobil is a very large castle! It was released in 2012. It has a revolving dance floor on which your daughter will have the prince and princess dance merrily at large balls! It also has a large staircase and a balcony. Your daughter will be able to make her characters…

Playmobil Grand Princess Castle 6848 Castle toy for girl

Playmobil Grand Princess Castle 6848

The Playmobil brand has finally released a castle just for girls! Not only boys can have fun with the fantastic characters created by the German toy brand ! This has become possible thanks to the Princess range released in 2016! It is white, pink and gold. The construction has a romantic look. Many flowers decorate the palace gardens. Birds will…