Playmobil Castle Diorama

Diorama playmobil castles and knights
As a fan of Playmobil castles and knights, you can’t help but talk about dioramas! Do you know those staged by enthusiasts that look great? They can be found in exhibitions organized by Playmobils fan associations or among the brand’s fans. Some of them have huge Playmobil collections! The dioramas don’t only concern our dear Playmobil castles and knights, they can be found on all themes.

First of all, we are obliged to mention the work of the world’s greatest Playmobil collector, namely Jean-Michel Leuillier!
Some of his reconstructions can be seen on his blog at his blog.
He is regularly present in exhibitions organized in the North of France to share part of his collection. His blog Playmobil will allow you to be aware of the exhibitions in which he participates.
Among the beautiful dioramas, we can also mention the work of Alizobil who creates superb scenes on various themes and exhibits them. You can see them here : blog by Alizobil.
Playmochab’s Playmobil blog also shows us very nice dioramas about prehistory and the Middle Ages. Here’s a preview on his diorama blog.

The above names are only examples, there are a multitude of Playmobil fans! If you want to push your Playmobil passion to a higher level, why not join a Playmobil fan association near you? A few searches on the Internet will show you that there are a lot of them active!
Diorama castles playmobil

Fairly regular exhibitions dedicated to the Playmobil brand can be found all over France. Take your children on a tour, they will be amazed by these dioramas!
Playmobil dioramas

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