Lion Knights

The Playmobil Lion Knights own various castles ranging from small fortresses to large royal castles. All these fortifications will enable the Lion Knights to defend themselves against the onslaught of their enemies! The Playmobil Knights’ game boxes are listed on this box and can be purchased from the Amazon online shop. We’ve also included assembly plans for each of these castles. Let’s hear the stories of the Lion Knights!

Château-fort des Chevaliers du Lion Impérial 6000 Castle toy for boy

Playmobil The Royal Lion Knight’s Castle 6000

The Imperial Lion Knights’ Castle from the Playmobil range for boys is a construction that will provide endless fun ! This building from the Playmobil Knights collection was released in 2015. The Lion Knights have to fight against the Falcon Knights. Discover the French advertisement of the 6000 Imperial Lion Knights’ castle : The castle comes with 4 Playmobil characters…